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Visa Affairs

Switzerland is a member state of the Schengen area. Unless otherwise stated on the visa sticker, a visa issued by Switzerland is also valid for the other Schengen states and vice versa.

The following states are currently issuing Schengen visas: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein.


Note: Principality of Liechtenstein becomes Schengen country members from 19 Dec. 2011


Visa-free entry for Taiwanese Nationals
As of 11 January 2011, holders of a Republic of China or Republic of China (Taiwan) passport do not need a visa to enter the countries of the Schengen Agreement as a tourist or for business purposes, provided that no employment is taken. The maximum length of stay is 90 days within six months. Taiwan passport holders have to be in the possession of a valid passport including an identity number.


Important information for frequent travellers to Switzerland and Schengen
New rule on calculation of the duration of stay within the Schengen Area:
In accordance with current Schengen rules, citizens of non-Schengen countries, regardless of their visa obligation status, may enter and remain within the Schengen Area without a residence permit for up to «90 days per 180-day period starting from the date of first entry».
Starting on 18 October 2013, these rules will be changed so that stays within the Schengen Area without a residence permit will be possible for up to «90 days over any 180-day period».
This change means that the 180-day period (i.e. reference period) will no longer correspond to 180 days following the date of first entry, but rather to the 180 days prior to the control date (border control upon entry into or departure from the Schengen Area, or police check within the Schengen Area). In other words, the duration of stay must not exceed at any time 90 days per 180-day period

Please also check the website of the  Federal Office for Migration for further information.

Any stay beyond 90 days requires a residence permit issued by the Migration Office of the relevant Canton in Switzerland.

Holders of a valid national passport (of a country requiring a visa to enter Schengen) in conjunction with a valid Swiss residence card are permitted to enter the whole Schengen area without a visa.

Visa obligation
Other Nationals please check if you need a visa to enter Switzerland and/or the Schengen Area by clicking on the Swiss Federal Office of Migration webpage.

Holders of a valid national passport (of a country requiring a visa to enter Schengen) in conjunction with a valid Swiss permanent residence card are permitted to enter the whole Schengen area without a visa. 

Travel medical insurance
Nationals who require a visa must have a travel medical insurance policy for their period of stay in Switzerland respectively in the Schengen States when applying for a visa.
For Nationals who do not require a visa, it is highly recommended that they purchase a travel medical insurance for the duration of their stay, even if they are insured abroad under their statutory health insurance system.

Please be aware that the application has to be made at the Schengen representation of the country of your main destination. Tourists who spend equal time in several Schengen states are required to apply for the visa at the representation of the country where they enter the Schengen area.

Visa applicants whose main destination is Switzerland are asked to come in person to the TOSI from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 11:30 am and bring all required documents along (see different visa requirement sheets on this page). Additional documents may be requested by the visa officer in order to assess the applicant’s personal, financial or professional situation or in order to determine the purpose of his/her travel. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Processing time
The decision of granting or refusing a visa request is usually taken
within 5 working days but might take longer for certain nationals or specific reasons. There are no express visas available. It is recommended to apply about 3 to 4 weeks before your planned departure date. Applicants for sponsored visitor visas as well as applicants for long stay visas (more than 90 days) for studies or employment have to apply at least 3 months prior to traveling to Switzerland.

Visa refusals
In case of a visa refusal the applicant will be informally notified of the decision. The applicant may request a contestable written decision by the Swiss Federal Office for Migration which is subject to a charge. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the TOSI in case of uncertainties:


Trade Office of Swiss Industries (Visa Section)

31F, No. 333, Sec.1, Keelung Road,

110 Taipei

Tel. : +866 2 2720 1001 # 17

Fax : +866 2 2757 6984

E-mail: visa@swiss.org.tw


Federal Office for Migration


Visa application form



Visa fee

Adults (12+ years)
TWD 2’500.-

Children (6-12 years)
TWD 1’

Children (0-6 years) 
free of charge

( as of 21 January 2014 )


Visa requirements